Hell Hunt

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Welcome to the Hell Hunt™

Rumors of hellish creatures terrorizing the frontier have spread to every saloon West of the Mississippi. Grab a gun, a saddle, and a cross to join the Hell Hunt™.

Hell Hunt™ is developed in Unreal Engine 4 for PC. Join the Devs on Discord to us feedback on the game!

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Ride trains and horses to put an end to the curse as a Hunter.

Stalk hunters caught in the fog and possess their bodies as a Demon.

Terrorize hunters and control the fog as the Monster.

Randomized Environment

Every match you play of Hell Hunt™ is different.
In addition to randomized loot found in most battle royale games, entire buildings and environment areas are randomized. You will ride into the Hell Hunt™ aboard a steam engine train with randomized train tracks and disembark at the Terminus; a 4x4KM map that has four distinct biomes including desert, snow, canyon, and forest that all look different depending on the time of day that the randomized day-night cycle starts in.
Memorize the map layout, but be prepared for every match to be just different enough to keep you on your toes.

Wild West Gunplay

Wield the legendary weapons of the wild west to face off against player-controlled hunters and monsters.
These old gunpowder weapons have limited ammo and there’s no automatic fire. You will need to carefully time your shots to outplay your enemies with simulated physics projectiles that can ricochet off metal and penetrate wood. Ride to victory on over 30 breeds of horses with unique appearances and statistics in skill based mounted combat.

Skill Card Deck

Fortune favors the bold. Hiding won’t help you.
As a Hunter, every life you take will reward you with a card deck slot. Add cards to your deck to increase your stats and unlock unique abilities. Skill cards affect health, grit, movement speed, weapon proficiency, and more.
Claim enough lives and you may even be able to stand toe-to-toe with the monster by yourself and live to tell the tale.

Character Customization

Stand out from the rest.
The Hell Hunt™ has attracted folk from all walks of life. Customize your Hunter with over one million face, body, and hair customization combinations. Dress to tell your story with a modular clothing and dye system featuring signature styles of the old west including lawmen, outlaws, cavalry, natives, and more.

The Team

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Nathan Weatherford

Nathan Weatherford

Producer & Lead Programmer


Technical Artist & Level Lead
Big Alek

Big Alek

Senior Artist
Siqi Wu

Siqi Wu

Backend Engineer